Some Work In Progress with Polymer Clay

Today I managed to get the dinner table set up against the window in the living room and sit down and try again with the polymer clay.

Rather than attempting to do two colours on same mould, tried taking a thin clay impression of the cat part in the center of the mould. Trimmed with a scalpel to get the shape closer to the edges of the impression and then a back made using a shape to get the right dimensions. As seen below:

P1050866 copy2
Black cat on green background.

The image shows it after having been baked. But I’ve yet to tidy it up. The flecks are the glitter in the clay. Reasonably happy with how this came out. Though the end of the tail ended up getting chopped off a bit






Next I tried using the Dr Who mould I have:

For a pair of cufflinks for Richard of a TARDIS 🙂 see below:

TARDIS Cufflinks. Prior to being finished off and cufflink blank adding.
TARDIS Cufflinks. Prior to being finished off and cufflink blank adding.








As can be seen one went a little wonky, but think with a bit of sanding it should be ok.

TARDIS pendant and black cat on purple pendant. Both need some finishing work doing.
TARDIS pendant and black cat on purple pendant. Both need some finishing work doing.

I also created a TARDIS pendant.








With left over black and puple clay from the TARDIS pendant and cufflinks I created a black cat on purple background pendant as seen above. Managed to make the purple background a touch too thin so it split a bit. But I think with a little work should be ok.

I still had some left over black clay at this point so made the Darth Vader heads below. They’ll form a pair of cufflinks and maybe a pendant, haven’t decided yet. The mould is much deeper than others I was using so getting the clay out is a pain at times!

P1050866 copy6
Darth Vader heads. Need some cleaning up.

Next I stated working on a gift I wanted to make for my mum, a welsh dragon brooch. The mould isn’t too deep and really just left a impression on the clay, so backed it with a square of black clay. The result is below:

P1050866 copy4
Welsh dragon brooches and black cat on green pendant

I think a bit of a wash of some kind of inks to bring the colours out will help add more definition to the dragons. But think they should work ok as brooches.

Happy I got around to trying to make some more items with clay. I have lots of moulds, but might at some point try some freelance sculpting and other techniques with it.

Have been meaning to do more jewellery for a while, but never quite seem to find the motivation to do it.

Comments welcome.



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Long time since updating.

So it’s been a while!

Not been able to do much jewellery or crafts over last 6 months as been focusing on sorting new flat out. Almost there. But no real area to work from at present.

I did however make these items for Richard’s mum for Christmas:


Aside from needing more practice with knots I quite like them. Richard’s mum liked them so that is what matters! I also found a lovely kingfisher pendant on ebay for her (no photo sorry).

The only other items of jewellery I tried was polymer clay and push moulds, they didn’t turn out how o intended sadly.

Getting one colour in the mould then another colour on top (for instance a cat in black, with a surround in purple) just failed every time! The cat either didn’t stay in place or got double imprinted or spread outside of where I wanted it when putting the second colour on top. Kinda given up on it, and will just mould in one colour and paint with either nail polishes or better acrylics/alcohol inks etc.

The darth vader I tried worked well. But when baked found a mistake in putting it on a sheet of silver foil. It meant the back domed as a result. Could still sand it and epoxy a cufflink blank to it however, so not all a loss. Same was true for the cat mould, done in a single glittery green clay.

I’ve since bought a few books in polymer clay and better tools and more colours however.

That’s all for now.

Long time since updating. was originally published on Kelly's Creations

Couple of recent creations…

I’ve been unwell recently so creativity hasn’t really happened sadly. I’ve still to finish/create the fairy and dolphin necklaces, but sadly not been well enough to try to learn knotwork at present. However I’ve worked some things out so i think I can get them done soon. I did though create a new necklace for Richard’s Mum as she sadly lost the other one I made for her birthday (a downside of needing magnetic clasps sadly).



I ordered a few cameo pendants recently as I like some of the ones I see. I’ve since bought some Fimo clay and a few silicone moulds, so I should be able to start making my own.


New cabochon rings.
New cabochon rings.
Cameo glued to a frame, then painted with nail polish.
Cameo glued to a frame, then painted with nail polish.

The butterfly pendant was a experiment to see how oil based nail polishes would work to pick out detail on a white cameo with black background. I think it worked out well, though how durable it will be I’ve no idea as yet.

I’ve also recently acquired some lovely items from local charity shops as shown below:

P1040421reduced P1040422reduced P10404028reduced P1040426reducedSome of the items will provide useful or interesting beads.


Until next time




Couple of recent creations… was originally published on Kelly's Creations