I’m constantly looking for inspirations from either the world around me or things I see on the internet.Books and magazines also provide inspiration and help in learning new techniques.

I’m by no means any kind of expert, very much a dabbling beginner. I make stuff when I’m well enough to do so as a therapeutic hobby mostly. Though being able to make things for friends as gifts is lovely too!

I find sites like and pinterest invaluable for the array of ideas they showcase.

Pinterest can be like searching on wikipedia in a way as you find something, you look at the website, then it spirals from there. A great time sink! and great fun too!!

I use springpad too to save bookmarks from my phone. Often I’ll be unable to sleep so will find things on my phone to come back to later. Whether I will is an entirely different matter, but I prefer to bookmark/pin/spring such things so I can if I so desire later.

My pinterest boards for jewellery or crafts

Springpad for jewellery

If you wish to have your blog/tutorial linked to here please comment and I’ll happily take a look 🙂

Finally none of my items would be possible without the websites I get beads and supplies from 🙂 the main one being they provide great service and great prices:)


Inspirations was originally published on Kelly's Creations