Dr Who and Star Wars jewellery

In my previous update I’d shown some of the experiments with polymer clay.

First some cufflinks:



I’m pretty happy with how these have turned out after some cleaning up and epoxy. The tardis ones need some painting to pick details out and then just need some varnish.

If you remember the purple backed tardis from the last post as shown below:


TARDIS pendant and black cat on purple pendant. Both need some finishing work doing.

I wasn’t really happy with how it turned out, due to the method I used to make the shape of the backing. I’ve since ordered some moulds and cutting shapes to make the size better fitting to cabochon frames.

A bit of work though led to this:


I’m much happier with it as a ring.

Finally I made a couple of other rings:


I quite like how the darth vader ring came out and the two stones rings, one tigers eye, the other a lovely amethyst.

I’ve still to finish the Welsh dragon brooches and a couple of cat pendants.
All for now 🙂