New site back up and running again

I’ve set up the self hosted site again finally. Imported most of the content from this site to there.

I’ll have to see if I can recover the content from before the database became currupted.

Will also have to have a hunt for the various photos of newer items i’ve since made!

Not updated in a while… oops!

So, you might have noticed that after I switched from here to I continued to update occasionaly. However it has since ended up broken and I’ve been slow in trying to bother fixing it (I changed hosting, and the database backup didn’t restore properly, so it is dead atm).

I’ll try to start again, but there is the likelyhood that I’ve lost the content I’d posted there for now (well I have backups, but not restorable).

Bear with me until then. I have been busy creating new items though, but no photoso I’m afraid atm.

Long time no post

So I’ve not been able to post anything for a while due to not being well over the last 6 months following Discworld Con 2014 earlier in the year. The weekend for that event was great, but took a lot out of me health wise.

As I also took some of my supplies with me I had to pack most of my stuff up and haven’t been able to sit down and clear a space due to other things happening since then until today.

I’ve managed to clear some space, hopefully in preparation of making some Christmas gifts for friends and family. Though the first few things done have been a few repairs to some broken jewellery (a pair of cufflinks of Richard’s that broke (green skulls), and a couple of pendants).

Nothing to show at present, but hopefully soon.

Though in the time I’ve not been creative at home, I have at least been able to do some art/crafts at the local art charity (Artyfolks), which has helped immensely fight off health induced depression, etc.

Succssfully moved

Just a quick blog update to say I’ve successfully moved. However as I’m still in boxes and sorting out my new flat creative output has ground to a halt as currently cannot get to most of my supplies or set up a suitable place onto sit and work.

I’m slowly getting there though, so hopefully by early new year I’ll be able to get back to doing creative items with jewellery again.

The new flat is a big improvement for me health wise though, so that hopefully will mean I can manage more jewellery over time.


Succssfully moved was originally published on Kelly's Creations

Something a little different

Today I visited the local sealife centre in Birmingham (UK).

Thought as I love such creatures I’d post a couple of pictures.





Such wonderful creatures are sharks and turtles. Certainly provided a few creative ideas 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have more jewellery to share soon as been teaching myself to wire wrap agate slices, more a case of practicing than learning I guess really tho. So far results of first attempt look good to me. Which is great as I’ve a number of slices and tumbled stones to try wrapping 🙂

Finally after the sealife centre I took the opportunity to stop by the jewellery quarter in Birmingham and picked up some new tools which will aid such efforts (my pliers had gotten rusty (weren’t designed for jewellery either) so some new ones in bargain bin was great!).

Till next time


Something a little different was originally published on Kelly's Creations