Successful import of missing posts

Well, I’ve completed the export/import from the old data base file backups of the old self hosted website. The cross posting meaning it has appears on also.

The attachments also transferred ok on the self-hosted site, but not At least that missing content is restored.

Another thing I’ve done is changed around the theme settings, with a new header image of pieces of my work, which works ok, there are several versions that will be different on both sites and the site logo has changed too.

Now I just need to track down photos of newer items to post in the time I was offline, can’t believe I overlooked it for about 2 years, so many other things took my attention alas.

However, a bit of a sneak peek of items is below.

Successful import of missing posts was originally published on Kelly's Creations


Old posts appearing as new…

Seems the same thing that is making sure that posts published here, get published on, is grabbing older posts from the site and cross posting them here (and sending to twitter too etc).

Old posts appearing as new… was originally published on Kelly's Creations

Missing posts

Having found an old database backup, I’ve seemingly been able to import content into a second wordpress install (to avoid breaking this one!).

I just need to fix a few things and then I can export the missing content hopefully (mainly just needs images uploading to prevent broken images/links).

Cross posting should also be working now hopefully, so this should appear on  my DreamWidth account (instead of LiveJournal, of which I’ve deleted all accounts and content due to new TOS), as well as the blog. It does at least allow a second level of backup for the content at least.

Missing posts was originally published on Kelly's Creations