About me

Hello and welcome to my jewellery and craft blog.

I’m Kelly, a 30 something (rapidly approaching 40 something mind!) gamer, geek and science fiction fan. I’m also a fibromyalgia sufferer, which hampers my ability to focus on things at times due to pain and/or fatigue.

I have a love of many different styles of jewellery. These range from celtic to gothic to geeky (be it Discworld, Star Wars, Doctor Who or Invader Zim).

I’ve tinkered with making my own jewellery for a several years now. Mostly it has been simple items like beaded earrings, but as time goes by I try new techniques (wire work, polymer clay) and I share on occasion what I’ve made. Most of the items will be for gifts most likely.

I have no real desire for my jewellery making endeavours to become a business. For me it is a bit of a hobby that I find therapeutic. There are times when I am too unwell to manage to get on with jewellery making, sometimes this can last months, other times it can last days.

As well as the jewellery design, I occasionally work with other crafts, such as decoupage and painting. I sometimes (when able) make my own clothing, but this tends towards being rather sporadic.

I posted before about some of my sources of inspiration.

I hope you find my blog postings interesting.

Happy reading 🙂




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