Cuff-link storage

One thing Richard complained about for a while was how to store all the various cuff-links and tie pins I keep making him for gifts.

Thoughts turned to what would work best. At first I tried a paper-mache book, with the intention of using a ring holder for cuff-link storage. This didn’t really work as planned.

In the end I found a pine box with drawers on eBay and after a bit of effort came up with the following:


The theme of course was Star Wars. With a ghosted Darth Vader on the lid and various symbols on the sides as well.

I used printed images on photo paper for the front logos, though I’ve never really been entirely happy with this, Richard likes it. The images to me being that little bit too glossy compared to the background, but I blended it in a bit with some paint around the edges at least.

I keep meaning to do another at some point to replace my old, battered jewellery box. What theme is the question? minions? dragons? one with trays as well as drawers would be better suited for my own needs I expect.

Cuff-link storage was originally published on Kelly's Creations