Yet more rings.


Just a very quick post with a photo of yet another ring I made quickly last night.

I again managed to make it a bit smaller than intended!

The two similar rings from yesterday’s post were very happily received by people at my slimming world group. Though one was too big for intended recipient. But it didn’t last long before being snapped up by another group member, it happened to be the perfect size for her 🙂

I have no intention of making many more as I’ve always wanted this to remain a hobby. I think itd lose most of the therapeutic value were I to try and make a business of it. I also don’t think I’d cope well with deadlines etc owing to my health issues. The occasional item as one offs because someone liked what I’d made is fine though perhaps. 99% will be for myself and or as gifts for friends and family. 

Anyway, back to it I guess.