Design & fustration – take 2

The original post I wrote got eaten somehow by the Android app for WordPress, phone rebooted due to low battery during the upload and both the app and the website seem to lose all but the original title – oops!

Red flower glass beads used on rings.

Red flower glass beads used on rings.

Anyway, I wrote in that post that I’d had the frustration of trying to design a pair of earrings, a necklace and maybe a bracelet to complement a new dress I have. The red flower glass beads I bought recently – and used recently for some rings – are perfect for it, but finding the right combination of spacer beads and enough of them proved a pain! my stash of beads, findings and so on is a bit disorganised to say the least.


Red flower glass bead ring and first design idea.

In the end I found enough and changed the colours/types of beads around a bit and produced the following:



Ended up a bit longer than I first intended, but I think they work nicely, though still not entirely sure about the dangly bits on the ends, I might cut those and the loop off and leave it with a knot at the bottom instead.

Next onto the necklace. I was at first a bit stumped on how to do it, then made these connectors:

Next I was trying to think of how to provide a focal point. Lacking a suitable bead that would work in my stash I came up with the following:

That gave me the final design and it just remained to decide the method of wearing it (ie ribbon or chain etc). I couldn’t find ribbon I wanted in my stash, so chain it was.

The final design:

Enough work for today I think. My back hurts now, but I’m happy with the outcome. Cuff-links will have to wait till tomorrow if I get chance.