It was Natalie ‘ s birthday recently, so as usual I decided to make jewellery as a gift for her.

First up were a couple of pairs of earrings for her.

The pair on the left were made from some beads I used before Christmas for earrings, originally as a possible design for a gift from her to her nan to match a necklace  (in the end I ordered some red discs instead, which worked better, nat liked them herself though so I gave her them. Turned out her mum rather liked those and asked for some  (not pictured, her mum’s friend also wanted a pair too ).

I decided to make them a little different for this pair though. I like items to be unique!

Next I made a pair with some new beads I’d gotten. I ended up ordering these as I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’d bought those others I’d previously used. They were not the same at all as it turned out, but I rather liked them anyway.

The colours are not quite as in the picture though, they’re more a reddish browny colour, hence red beads with them.


Next I decided to make something different for another gift for Nat.

I found a tutorial on pinterest that inspired the rings made below.

I decided to make one for myself and one for Nat. I rather like the beads I found and think they work well in this way.

My first attempt I wasn’t too pleased by  (middle top ,and ot ended up smaller than intended! Still if gave me the practice to get the next two better.

I used a different gauge wire with the next two. Which worked better.

Originally I gave the ring on the right to nat, but she swapped it for the one on the left as it wouldn’t fit her fingers  (wanting it to be a surprise gift I didn’t know her ring size ). I might make some more as I’ve some different colours that’d work like this I think.

I need to make myself another I think too as the one on the left only fits my little fingers, not a finger I usually wear rings on.


Finally a picture of all the items together. Also visible is two of the cats I found in a charity shop for 99p. I kept the purple one,and gave nat the other one pictured  (there were 3, but I gave the 3rd to Richard for his mum ).


Hopefully should have more soon as a lady at my slimming world group liked the ring and asked for one in green.

Until next time 🙂