Gifts for Christmas (delayed update)

I’ve been meaning since new year to update the blog, but health and other factors have gotten in the way sadly.

Anyway, below is a collection of items I made as gifts for friends at Christmas. There are some I don’t as yet have photos for however. Some I didn’t like and changed before giving them as gifts.

First up the gifts (including gift box) for Richard’s Mum:

My best friend Natalie asked me to make some jewellery as gifts for her mum and her nan, below are photos of them, and the gift box I made to go with them. Also included was a 3rd pair of earrings I made for her mum as a gift from me. I made a second pair of earrings for her nan, but i didn’t get chance to take photos, which is a shame as they’re quite nice I felt.

Next we have the gifts I made for Natalie. I made a pair of necklaces which featured hand painted cat faces representative of her much loved and missed cats Smokey and Mystery. Also included was matching earrings. Shown in the photos is how I changed the design of the necklaces after reworking the wire wrapping  to be more secure (I had recently gotten a new wire jig and was slowly getting used to it).

I made a selection of cuff-links and tie pins for Richard, unfortunately I don’t have photos of them at this time, though he did rather like them (they were Dr Who and Star Wars related so it was always going to be the case he’d like them I think!).

Since making these items I’ve not managed to make much else due to health issues and the packing/unpacking of craft/jewellery supplies when I stayed at Richard’s.

Until next time…