Long time no post

So I’ve not been able to post anything for a while due to not being well over the last 6 months following Discworld Con 2014 earlier in the year. The weekend for that event was great, but took a lot out of me health wise.

As I also took some of my supplies with me I had to pack most of my stuff up and haven’t been able to sit down and clear a space due to other things happening since then until today.

I’ve managed to clear some space, hopefully in preparation of making some Christmas gifts for friends and family. Though the first few things done have been a few repairs to some broken jewellery (a pair of cufflinks of Richard’s that broke (green skulls), and a couple of pendants).

Nothing to show at present, but hopefully soon.

Though in the time I’ve not been creative at home, I have at least been able to do some art/crafts at the local art charity (Artyfolks), which has helped immensely fight off health induced depression, etc.