Couple of recent creations…

I’ve been unwell recently so creativity hasn’t really happened sadly. I’ve still to finish/create the fairy and dolphin necklaces, but sadly not been well enough to try to learn knotwork at present. However I’ve worked some things out so i think I can get them done soon. I did though create a new necklace for Richard’s Mum as she sadly lost the other one I made for her birthday (a downside of needing magnetic clasps sadly).



I ordered a few cameo pendants recently as I like some of the ones I see. I’ve since bought some Fimo clay and a few silicone moulds, so I should be able to start making my own.


New cabochon rings.
New cabochon rings.
Cameo glued to a frame, then painted with nail polish.
Cameo glued to a frame, then painted with nail polish.

The butterfly pendant was a experiment to see how oil based nail polishes would work to pick out detail on a white cameo with black background. I think it worked out well, though how durable it will be I’ve no idea as yet.

I’ve also recently acquired some lovely items from local charity shops as shown below:

P1040421reduced P1040422reduced P10404028reduced P1040426reducedSome of the items will provide useful or interesting beads.


Until next time




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